Free Lemonade Stands are a place where patients and providers can help themselves to heartfelt gifts donated by individuals and businesses from all around the world. It is our hope that a single act of unsolicited kindness can serve as a ray of light amid dark times.

We currently have Free Lemonade Stands set up in major adult and pediatric cancer centers throughout Oahu. 

Most of us who give lemonade have been touched by cancer. Those dark, terrifying moments have left wounds that we soothe by offering hope to others fighting the same terrible disease.

Wherever you are in your journey, we can remind each other of the sunshine and squeeze the day together. Giving and receiving lemonade is love that we can pass round and round.

We will use any funds you send to purchase gifts for adult and pediatric cancer patients and providers to receive. Please use the checkout process above to make a monetary donation to Free Lemonade Stands.

If you would like to donate handmade gifts or retail items, we would be so grateful if you'd take the time to send us and email so we can coordinate pick up or shipping. Thank you so much! Email:

We have compiled a list of gifts for pediatric cancer patients. Children navigating cancer often spend months in the hospital. Warm blankets and fun activities can offer comfort while they go through treatment.
Find our wish list here. All gifts will be sent directly to Make Lemonade Project.

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