We help cancer patients turn lemons into lemonade through these three programs.
Our Free Lemonade Stand is a metaphor for hope and strength in the form of heartfelt gifts for patients and providers to receive for free at our local cancer center.  Most of the businesses and individuals who donate lemonade gifts have been touched by cancer. Dark, terrifying moments have left wounds that we soothe by offering gifts of hope to others fighting the same terrible disease. Wherever you are in your journey, we can remind each other of the sunshine and squeeze the day together. Giving and receiving lemonade is love that we can pass round and round.
We raise funds for good, hard-working people. Imagine suddenly being diagnosed with cancer and unable to work because you’re sick from treatment or have to travel to the mainland for special therapy and live out of a hotel room for months. Co-pays can be really high and bills add up fast.
Our goal is to protect patients from feeling they have to choose between life saving treatment or the roof over their head and putting food on the table. Let’s make it easier for these fighters to make lemonade.  We are striving to raise $1 million dollars this year to help cancer patients pay for treatment.

Our retail shop is filled with feel-good pieces that remind anyone going through a tough time, not just cancer, that they are very strong and very loved. We have collaborated with many kind, talented artists to create piece that bring smiles and remind you and your loved ones to never lose hope. We mail all orders with love and care-it's like sending hugs in a box. :) 100% of proceeds benefit Make Lemonade Project.