Port Pillows X Jana Lam



A message from Jana Lam:

I just wanted to say that cancer touches each and every one of us and I know that I speak not only for myself but for the entire Jana Lam Fam and the Make Lemonade Project when I say that I hope these pillows will provide you with comfort, sunshine and rainbows.
Jana Lam

These pillows attach to car seat belts and prevent the strap from rubbing painfully on incisions or infusion ports while driving or in the passenger seat. When going through treatment, or recovering from surgery, it’s all about comfort.

- Measurements: 5x15" with an adjustable strap that fits most seat belts
- Material & Care: 100% cotton, machine wash cold and air dry

-Your order will ship in 1-2 business days.

Each of these items is handmade from start to finish in Honolulu, Hawaii.
No two pieces will be exactly the same.
Please embrace the inconsistencies that make
each piece yours- unique and one of a kind.

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